As a member of Clan Atomic, you represent the clan in all of your interactions with other players and with the game itself. Members of Clan Atomic:

I. Always show respect to other players, both inside and outside of clan, regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, political orientation or religion (i.e., no trash talking…competitive FPS slightly more flexible but keep it to a minimum). We do not tolerate bullying or other harassment. Report abusive or toxic players to an officer and do your best to calm the involved parties.

II. Strive to build a welcoming gaming environment by being helpful, courteous and patient, particularly with new players.

III. We do not cheat under any circumstance. We do not exploit game glitches or use any auto aiming programs/settings/USB dongles that are not already built into the game’s engine and accessible to all. Legitimate game Mods and Add-Ons are allowed.

IV. Try to avoid game spoilers in-game chat or on Discord. When we cannot avoid spoilers, for instance, when seeking help, please warn others spoilers are coming.

V. Do not share clan passwords with non-clan/guild members.

VI. Show good sportsmanship every time, everywhere, and to every player.

VII. Compete to win but not at the expense of comradery, cheer, and real life commitments. Clan Atomic will be here waiting for you with open arms when you get back from feeding your dog, exercising your body, and loving your family. Take care of yourself and those around you first and foremost!!