Who Are the Candidates for Supreme Court Justice

Kentucky voters elected state Supreme Court justices in four of the state`s seven districts in bipartisan elections. While outgoing Chief Justice John Minton was praised for his ability to maintain the court`s impartiality, national conservative groups sought two seats this year to bring vocal conservatives to the court. That attempt failed when Justice Michelle Keller and Justice Kelly Thompson defeated Representative Joe Fischer and attorney Shawn Alcott, respectively. Justice Angela Bisig also won his election, and Justice Christopher Nickell ran unopposed. Every Supreme Court participant who appears before the bench should have the same rights, whether powerful or gentle. The breadth of my experience makes me very sensitive to this basic principle and particularly qualified. It would be an honour if you trusted me. In February 2022, Biden chose Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who retired at the end of the court`s term in 2022. [5] [6] [7] Eight candidates are running for one of four vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court, the Fifth Judicial District on Election Day. As a result, the Democrats will retain their 4-3 majority or move to a 5-2 majority in the courts — a majority they have held since the 1970s.

In 2020, Illinois Republicans created an opportunity to fight for a majority on the state Supreme Court in 2022 by successfully conducting the most expensive anti-retention election ever to oust Justice Thomas Kilbride (D). A lower court justice, Robert Carter (D), was appointed by the state Supreme Court on an interim basis, with Kilbride`s seat vacant for an election in 2022. After Kilbride`s defeat, the legislature redrew the state`s judicial districts, and both of this year`s elections were considered competitive. Here`s what candidates had to say about what they thought best qualified them for the job. In their campaigns, Democratic candidates and left-wing political groups have emphasized the role the Illinois Supreme Court could play in determining abortion rights in the state, according to Dobbs. In September, the Illinois Republican Party accused O`Brien of distorting Burke`s views in an ad saying he “agreed with the decision to overthrow Roe.” In 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution protects abortion rights to the same extent as the federal constitution, an approach that calls that protection into question, according to Dobbs. Republican candidates and conservative groups, for their part, have sought to link Democratic candidates to Mike Madigan, the former speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, who was charged with bribery and extortion earlier this year. Harris Bolden would have been the first black woman to sit on the Michigan Supreme Court, which hasn`t had a justice of color since 2018. Before a person can become an appellate judge, the governor must submit the nominee`s name to the Judicial Nominee Review Board, which is composed of members of the public and lawyers. The Commission shall carry out a thorough examination of the candidate`s background and qualifications with the participation of the Community and shall then forward its assessment of the candidate to the Governor. Given the importance of state courts, the public should be aware of donors trying to influence the justice system.

Court of Appeals judges sit in one of California`s six counties. Only voters registered in an appellate district are asked to determine whether judges in that district will be selected. An independent group called Keep Kansas Courts Impartial lobbied for the retention of the six justices and aired television ads portraying the Supreme Court as an impartial exception for other branches of government affected by vested interests and political influence. Incumbent Montana Supreme Court justices James Rice and Ingrid Gustafson defeated challengers in a bipartisan election to retain their seats on the court. Gustafson faced a daunting challenge from James Brown, chairman of the Public Service Commission and former adviser to the Montana Republican Party. The court`s 2019 abortion decision sparked a backlash against a court that some Kansas Republicans accused of having “activist judges” that lawmakers sought to curb by making changes to the state`s judicial selection process. Kansas` campaign finance law, which requires little reporting on court election expenses, makes it impossible to know how much money has been spent. While Kansans for Life, a leader of this summer`s anti-abortion campaign, distributed letters urging voters to vote against five of the six justices, there has been no large-scale television ad campaign or other markers of an overall anti-retention effort as Kansas has seen in previous cycles. Before the majority changes hands, the Supreme Court is likely to make a decision in an already argued challenge to a new voter identification requirement, and the new majority is likely to hear challenges to state restrictions on abortion and voting bans for those convicted of criminal offences. Three seats on the Ohio Supreme Court were awarded in elections of competing parties, including a race for chief justice, and Republican candidates won all three. Justices Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer were re-elected, while Justice Sharon Kennedy defeated Justice Jennifer Brunner (D) in the race for Chief Justice.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) will appoint someone to fill the vacancy created by Kennedy`s ascension to chief justice. Party labels appeared next to the names of Supreme Court candidates on the ballot for the first time after lawmakers changed the law last year. State Supreme Court justices hold statewide office, so all California voters participate in Supreme Court elections. Local, state, and national organizations trust me to teach other lawyers how best to handle their clients` cases. More than that, I am looking for this office to serve the community. I have unparalleled experience in the courtroom. The Michigan Supreme Court recently issued several important democracy-related decisions, many of which did not collapse along party lines. Earlier this year, for example, the court rejected two challenges by Democratic voters and lawmakers to legislative maps created by the independent state redistricting commission. In each of those decisions, one at 5-2 and the other at 4-3, Democratic and Republican justices joined forces to form majorities and dissenting opinions. In September, the court voted 5-2, with a Republican joining the majority, to authorize a ballot amendment that would enshrine abortion rights in Michigan`s Constitution (voters approved the change). Further challenges to laws restricting abortion are finding their way to lower courts and could be heard by Michigan Supreme Court this year.

Associate judges` salaries generally start at $274,732 per year to decide important legal issues. The Chief Justice`s salary range starts at $288,100 per year to manage California`s court system, including as chair of the Judicial Council and the Judicial Appointments Commission. In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution protected abortion rights.


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