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135. The rules on the opening and closing of shops in a market are A. Not illegal, even if they restrict trade. B. Illegal because they constitute trade restrictions. C. None. D. Invalid. Answer: A 197.

A conditional contract that depends on the occurrence of the future uncertain event may be applied when the event occurs; Important issues in multiple choice business law for annual and supplementary audits for B.Com Part 2 / B.Com (Part II) / B.Com (Hons) / ADP / ADC / BS (Accounting and Finance) / BBA / BS (Commerce) / BS (IT). Sameed offers by letter to sell a house in Shahzeb. When will the communication of the proposal between Sameed and Shahzeb be completed? One. If Sameed makes such a suggestion B. If Shahzeb accepts proposal C. Both (A) and (B) D. None of the more than 35. S and P only go to a store. S says to the trader, C lets P have the goods, and if he doesn`t pay you, I will. This is a ________ C. Betting contract D. Quasi-contractual answer: A 146.

An agreement with or through a minor is ___ A. Null. B. cancellable at the choice of the minor. C. cancellable at the option of the other party. D. valid. Answer: A Proposition A may be revoked in a variety of ways, as provided for in one of the following sections of the Contracts Act 1872. A. 6 B.

7 C. 8 D. None of more than 6. An agreement caused by fraud, misrepresentation and coercion is ______? 1) Cancellable 2) Partially invalid 3) Valid 4) All 8. Public law includes _______law? 1) Administration 2) Constitution 3) Criminal 4) All of these 5) None of these 126. If two or more persons have made a joint promise, that person must fulfill the promise__________, unless the contract indicates otherwise. A. together.

several. several. C. Jointly and severally. D. Jointly and severally. Answer: A 111. The foundation of modern tort law was founded in ____ B. Taylor v. Caldwell. C.

Hadley v Baxendale. D. Addis v. Gramophone co. Answer: C …. is the promise that constitutes consideration or part of the consideration for each other. A. Mutual commitment B. Conditional commitment C. Simple commitment D. None of more than 136. If both parties to an agreement suffer an error essential to the agreement, agreement A.

is void. B. countervailable. C. Illegal. D. not affected at all. Answer: A 44. The doctrine of caveat emptor applies______________ A. In the case of implied conditions and warranties B. If the buyer does not communicate the goal to the seller and depends on his own abilities and judgment. C.

When the goods are sold by sample. D. When the goods are sold in accordance with the description. Answer: A 29. The headquarters of IRDA, where _______ A. Chennai B. Delhi C. Coimbatore D. Bangalore Answer: B 123.

Due to a strike at A`s factory, he is unable to deliver the goods to B in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The agreement in such a case relieves A. B. is not released. C. becomes null and void. D. is a countervailable response: Section 5 of the Contracts Act deals with which of the following applies; A. Notification of contract B. Revocation of proposals and acceptances C. Acceptance of contracts D. None of more than 65.

If the buyer only gives the right to claim damages, as___________ is known. A. Condition. B. Warranty. C. Warranty. D. Indemnification.

Answer: C 45. If a sale is made both by sample and by description, the implicit condition is that the goods must comply with with_______________ A. samples. B. Description. C. Example and description. D. Sample or description. Answer: C 36. A bailer is a _______ A.

a right of some privilege over the saved property B. a generational right C. a right of a special privilege and a general privilege D. no privilege at all over the saved property Answer: A 30. A certain advantage may be ordered by the court if __ the contract is voidable B. damages are an appropriate remedy C. Damage is not an appropriate remedy. D. the contract is uncertain. Answer: C Answer – Click here:B. Revocation of proposals and hypotheses 46.

In the case of a sale, there is an implied condition on the part of the seller that he______________ A. has the right to sell the goods. B. Is in possession of the goods. C. Has the right to sell. D. Will purchase the goods. Answer: A 131. Each part is a celebrity and a promise in the case of A. Past Considerations.

B. Present consideration C. Any contract. D. Mutual Promises. Answer: D 53. In a sales contract, the seller receives if________ A for the price. The goods have been delivered to the buyer. B. The goods have not been delivered to the buyer. C.

There is a special agreement. D. This is not a specific agreement. Answer: C Answer – Click here :B. If Shahzeb accepts the proposal. d. Can only contract when it has become completely healthy. One. Determination of laws on the sale of goods 71. If the goods are rejected by the buyer and the carrier or guarantor is still in possession of them, the transit is _________ A. is considered the end. B.

is not considered the end. C. begins. D. not yet started. Answer: B 47. A condition is a provision that is__________ essential to the main purpose of the purchase contract. B. Not essential for the main purpose of the purchase contract.

C. Securities for the main purposes of the purchase agreement. D. Not mandatory. Answer: A. 3. How many parts are there on a promissory note? (1) Two parties (2) One party (3) Four parties (4) Three parties 120. If a new contract is replaced instead of an existing one, it will be called________.

A. Modification. B. Withdrawal. C. Novation. D. Waiver. Answer: C. 147. A promise to join a charity.

The promise is a ___________. A. Countervailable contract. B. Agreement void. C. Void Contract. D. Valid Agreement. Answer: C 68.

The term “goods for the purposes of the Sale of Goods Act” does not include ________. A. Money. B. Countervailable claims. C. Real property. D. all of that. Answer: B. A contract can be signed between (A) natural persons (B) legal persons (C) all A and B (D) None of these 2.

A breach of contract can be a breach of ____________ A. Valid Agreement B. Null Agreement C. Questionable Agreement D. None of more than 62. A purchase contract can be _______ R. only absolutely. B. only condition. C. absolute and conditional.

D. Indemnification. Answer: C 22. If the promisor refuses to accept the execution of the slip of the tongue that offers a service, it is A. service attempt B. Assistant service C. Call for tenders. D. Frustration with the Treaty Reply: A 78.


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