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Our law firm always focuses on the client, not the case. Of course, we want our clients to win their business, but we also want them to come out of a lawsuit on the other side that is ready to turn a new page and enjoy life to the fullest. That`s why we emphasize our willingness to hold our customers` hands – sometimes literally – when life doesn`t go as planned. The compliance system also includes a hotline whereby employees, business partners and third parties can report irregularities at any time. Acting responsibly and in accordance with the law does not stop at the limits of the company. In this context, we have established a code of conduct for suppliers that defines the principles and requirements of cooperation with Bosch. We conduct regular audits to ensure that our suppliers comply with these principles. In such a dynamic environment, we are constantly reviewing our compliance system so that we can quickly adapt our rules and processes to new legal and technical developments. Compliance means compliance with company laws and regulations.

This means that all business activities of the Bosch Group and its associates must comply with all legal requirements, the Code of Business Conduct, as well as all applicable guidelines and central guidelines that relate in any way to this matter (“Compliance Principle”). It is important to report cases that indicate that a crime has been committed – such as theft, fraud or corruption – or that there has been a systematic violation of legal or corporate regulations, such as intentional and persistent non-compliance with quality or safety standards or the Code of Conduct. Our mission statement “We are Bosch” states: “We only promise what we can keep, accept agreements as binding and respect the law in all our business transactions.” To underline the importance of this principle, we have summarized our position on legal requirements and ethical issues in our Globally Valid Code of Business Conduct. The Code of Business Conduct serves as a guideline for business activities. The issue of compliance affects all employees, as everyone – directly or indirectly – is affected by violations: on the one hand, violations of the law can lead to criminal prosecution depending on the seriousness of the case. On the other hand, violations of the principle of compliance can both cause financial damage to the company and damage its reputation. The result is a deterioration in the commercial efficiency of the company and therefore in its success. Compliance also affects the business relationship between Bosch and third parties: Bosch does not wish to participate in violations of the principle of conformity by third parties. Bosch has a global compliance system headed by a chief compliance officer who reports directly to the Board of Directors. In addition, there is an enterprise compliance department and compliance officers in all divisions and regions. It is the responsibility of all employees to report possible violations of the principle of compliance and thus help limit the consequences of such violations and prevent similar misconduct in the future. This also applies to business partners and third parties.

Yes, reports can be submitted anonymously via the Bosch compliance hotline. It is possible to set up a secure mailbox within the hotline in order to interact anonymously with the compliance officer. The Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating the reported violations and ensuring that the issue is resolved correctly (with the help of Bosch specialists or external specialists, if necessary). Dalena & Bosch founders Elizabeth A. (Beth) Dalena and Jessica A. Bosch work together to provide our clients in Morris County and beyond with a variety of solutions to any type of family law litigation or crisis you can imagine. From simple divorces to complex disputes over valuable business assets, we`re ready to help. • Any employee, including interns and PhD students Yes. Compliance officers are responsible for conducting investigations, gathering evidence that stands in court, and initiating all necessary proceedings. They are supported by experts in specialized departments who have the necessary training and authority.

Prevention and inspection measures such as the four-eye principle, task rotation in sensitive areas and regular audits aim to support our value-based compliance system. We also have a mandatory compliance training program for our employees. In addition, we have established a “Compliance Dialogue” that allows us to discuss compliance topics and experiences between our managers, employees and compliance officers. “Hold your hand when you need it most” is Dalena & Bosch`s motto, as it perfectly describes our firm`s approach in each case – we are here to guide and support our clients through some of the most difficult days of their lives. At Bosch, compliance with the law is an integral part of the company`s values. Gianna R. Korpita, Esq. is a partner at Dalena & Bosch, LLC. Ms.

Korpita received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University in 2012. In 2019, she received her Juris Doctor from Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. • Each business partner, such as suppliers, customers or joint venture partners Each report of possible compliance breaches usually involves the disclosure of personal data. The receipt and processing of such reports therefore requires reporting persons to confirm that they have been informed of their data protection rights and to agree to the use of their personal data in the context of the compliance investigation. In the case of a report submitted anonymously, this does not apply. Anyone who reports potential compliance issues to the best of their knowledge and beliefs does not have to worry about being disadvantaged by the company by their actions. The purpose of our globally applicable rules of conduct is to protect our employees and our company as well as our customers and partners. • Persons employed externally such as temporary workers or employees of external service providers Any reports of possible violations as well as subsequent actions taken must be documented by the Compliance Officer.

Taking into account the legitimate interests of the parties concerned, the reporting person may inquire about the progress of the investigation. If the investigation into a case is closed because no relevant misconduct has been established, the person concerned will be informed if he or she has been invited to comment or if such information has been requested in the course of the investigation.


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