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This logo was created for an Italian law firm. Aufiero is actually the surname of the family that works in the legal field. The client wanted a logo that could convey a sense of strength and consistency, but also modern. Great importance was to be attached to the name “Aufiero”. Thus, the lines of the drawing are thin and minimal, while the capital letter A is in the center of the vertical hexagon and attracts the viewer`s attention. At the same time that the law firm was Italian, I wanted to somehow bring a little hint to the sea. The four horizontal lines under the A represent calm waves. The logo is monochrome. A deep and classic blue is synonymous with trust, reliability and loyalty to the cause. Lawyers. We are a criminal defense law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our lawyers represent individuals charged with misdemeanours and crimes in the criminal justice system.

We specialize in providing exceptional legal representation and excellent customer service. Our main target group is the professional (lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc.) who provides recommendations to our law firm. When their clients are arrested, we are the lawyers who go to court to defend them. 99designs organizes participatory design competitions where designers compete to create a design according to your mission. Show off your brand personality with a custom law firm and law firm logo designed by a professional designer specifically designed for you. Need ideas? We`ve rounded up amazing examples of law firm and law firm logos from our global design community. Get inspired and start planning the perfect logo design for law firms and law firms today. The Due Process Institute is a non-profit organization focused on criminal justice reform. They are committed to ensuring greater fairness in the system for the benefit of the individual and society as a whole. In particular, they inform others about parts of the system that are not fair or not working well, create political solutions to these problems, we pressure legislators to have legislative changes solve problems (or they advocate that they not make worse decisions), and write legal briefs in court cases advocating for fair trials and trials. Law firm and legal advice focused on the remuneration of insurance companies New law firm specializing in complex financial disputes. The target audience can be EITHER financial professionals (accountants, bankers, etc.) -OR- consumers.

I want a sleek and elegant design that projects the same level of quality and strength as a long-established institution. Imagine you`re a lawyer at a large New York law firm that charges $1,000/hour in fees. You will receive a letter from me, a lawyer from a small law firm who is 20 years younger than you. Are you going to confuse my youth with naivety, or are you going to realize that this is a serious matter? Imagine that you are a consumer looking for someone to sue their bank for unfair overdraft fees. You can find my website on the Internet. Are you worried that a small law firm won`t be able to fight the banks? Or will you realize that the legal industry is changing and you should hire the stubborn young lawyer? This second-place conception for the legal sector combines the initial “S” and the appearance of abstract legislative columns. Logo for law firms aimed at ordinary people of all ages, as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who need legal advice on their businesses. If you want an amazing law firm and law firm logo that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to bring your vision to life, or run a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. LEGERAM is an exclusive 24/7 international concierge legal service for selected clients.

Luxury, selective, privileged Since the focus of the brand is lawyers, the idea was to use a star in combination with an open book to symbolize justice and knowledge. Whether they are letters combined with symbols or simple but dynamic monograms, these legal logos create trust in the companies they represent. Legal, accounting and investment supervision for asset families. Something like a family office. Combines the Orlando City logo, traffic light and legal scale There are 7 different types of logos. They`re all a combination of image and typography, but each gives your brand a distinctive feel. Read More Legal logos that show your specialty with conviction will create a buzz about your legal business. What is the verdict on these new phrases in generic legal logos? The dish finds them eye-catching and memorable. It was a proposal for a logo contest, which is a law firm that is mostly aggressive on their case, which is a Kudo bone skull in their office and they want this to be the logo part for this idea. A customer order, a logo for the vlog that deals with legal issues.

He wants a smooth, noble and human logo. Many law firms are building a reputation based on their name. Make a powerful statement with a logo design that displays the name of your law firm in a distinctive and exceptional way. There is no law that says logos for lawyers must contain the iconic scales of justice or the hammer of the typical judge. Just because something is a precedent doesn`t mean it`s right. As a lawyer, you must object to overused lawyer logo designs. 99designs has great collaboration tools to help you identify and capture your ideas for a copyright firm that wanted “a creative and visually strong logo that would give clients and the community a modern approach to legal services.” In close collaboration with this competitor, exactly the result he was aiming for was achieved. Burns Language Services is an interpreter and translator for the legal industry. This is a small but growing organization that currently offers services in Spanish and wanted a logo that appealed to current and potential legal clients, as well as other interpreters who can offer Spanish and other languages. Go bravely! Be creative! You can use traditional legal images in new and creative ways. Or you can go in a new way and create a truly unique logo for your law firm.

People have strong subliminal associations with different colors. The colors you use in your legal logo are especially important because color can have a strong and far-reaching impact on your brand. For example, red is often associated with power, while blue reflects calm. Green can communicate new beginnings (as well as money), and purple is often associated with royalty. Discover the allure of working with a talented graphic designer who creates a legal logo to put you and your business in a row. Here is some evidence to support the case to make a statement. The minimalist approach of a law firm has created a unique image on a large scale to have a strong, versatile and memorable identity and, above all, easily recognizable. Provide professional legal services related to workplace issues to employers and certain employees at the executive level.

Finalist logo concept for a law firm in Italy. Women with more than 20 pounds to lose. [January 2017] TurboLaw offers easy-to-use legal software with exceptional customer service. We offer state-specific document automation software. Clients and users are lawyers, including lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, and large firms and corporations. Users are in their 30-60s, both male and female. Clear and professional redesign of an existing logo for legal services You have already heard testimonies about the creative crime of overused symbolism (also known as generic logos). While these symbols may represent law and order, they are memorable and fade with the rest of the lawyer`s range of logos. In summary, there is simply no forgiveness of a boring legal logo.


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